Many rural Nepalese families still believe women are only intended for household work and to care for children.  As a girl grows up, parents don’t allow her to go to school because they see no benefit of education for them.  Their parents mindset is that girls should grow up, get married, care for their children, and keep her husband’s house.
What are we doing?
It’s been a year since we started classes for women where we teach English and crafts to women who couldn’t learn due to family pressure or poverty while they were young. From 1 to 3 in the afternoon we offer an English class for women, teach them about computers as well as how to use them so they can access information online, create fun events, and more. Sometimes we just discuss how volunteers lives differ to offer them an alternate view of life.  
What do we want to do in 2016?
We are planning to create job opportunities for women in rural areas who want to work and support their family. We will be providing to them the skills to make handicrafts for sale. They will also create sanitary pads which would be distributed to girls who have no access to sanitary pads. They are provided free-of-charge for poorer girls while a small amount of money is charged for those who can afford to pay.