Sponsoring a child’s education in Nepal is an opportunity to give that child a chance at a good future.  Many poor children in Nepal are not able to go to school due to lack of funds.  We are trying to support the children of Nepal through sponsorship so that they can go to school, learn, and ultimately become responsible citizens of Nepal.
We are currently sponsoring 8 children of Nuwakot district for their education. We aim to reach more children in rural areas and support their education fee. Poor children in rural areas don’t have money to pay for their school so they must work as a labourer to support their families instead.  However, many times they are abducted and trafficked for labour in cities or girls are traded for sex trafficking in India.
Our educational sponsorship program directly benefits children in rural areas.  Getting education will be a step to raise their family standard of living, gain bright future for themselves and have less of chance of being trafficked.