Volunteering at the Monastery is an unique opportunity for people who are looking to find themselves and to learn more about Buddhism. We work with two different Monasteries -- one is a women’s only monastery and the other is for young male monks. You can volunteer at either. 
Mornings at the Monastery start with Gongs sounding at 5:00am every day. Morning Puja starts at 6:00am and volunteers are generously invited to sit-in.  It involves monks or nuns chanting their mantras with Buddhist musical horns and drums.  Breakfast follows the prayers. Volunteers teach 3 classes per day. They mainly focus on English but there are opportunities to teach other subjects as well.  Classes are divided by age and ability.
Volunteering at a monastery flows with the daily schedule of Tibetan studies and you are invited to live simply and dine simply with the monks. Best times with monks are during the down times when you can connect with them at a personal level.  Monks also enjoy yoga, arts, games of any kind and fun programs while sports are reserved for weekend.
Volunteers stay at the Monastery and will be provided 3 meals per day. We have lots of different books in the Monastery Library, so volunteers can also read those books for monks and explain what they were about.  Discussions after dinner are one of the most joyous part of the day.