The day earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, we had taken children of SJSK-Nepal for sightseeing around Shyambunath (Monkey temple). As we neared the temple, our bus started to shake and we saw motorcycles and bikes falling on roads. We took children out of bus we were traveling in and parked by the side.  People were screaming and running with fear all around us. Our children were very scared when the road cracked. After 5 minutes of wait, we took the bus to a big open area where everybody was gathering. We saw people praying for god and thinking this might be the last day of the earth. It was scary.
After 2 hours at the same place, we felt 2-3 more tremors along with others. People were listening to radio about the devastation which had destroyed many houses and monuments around the city. We were scared to take our children back on the bus to go home because of fear of trees falling down on bus or even our home. With our eleven little children we walked for around 5 hours to home and on the way we saw many homes destroyed and injured peoples.
We spent the night in a tent in a field near our home and this continued of and on for 3 month. There were 600 more tremors and people were scared to live inside their homes.
After first 5 day of earthquake, our team started earthquake relief work. We were supported by our past volunteer to raise fund and organization like Orphangift and Dan Fredinburg foundation funded our relief work.
We donated food and tents for people whose houses are destroyed as well as to different orphanages, schools and old age homes in different part of Nepal. We also supported local people and organizations for making temporary shelters as well as via Medical camps, blankets donation and more.
We are still active in supporting people affected by earthquake. We are still running different medical camps, food, blankets donations and
supporting children on education effected by earthquake.