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we are working with many different projects, we are always in need of volunteer assistance.Volunteering with us, you will also get change to know Nepali cultures, language and food.


Message from Director

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Hello, my name is Sujan Pariyar. As Director of Innovative Social Centre, I am responsible for all the children and workings of the home. My father Mr. Ram Krishna Pariyar is the founder of this organization. Although I call myself Director I suppose you could think of me more as a long term volunteer. My job involves seeking out more volunteers to help with the children, managing the budget required to run this orphanage, and looking after the children education and food. Moreover I aim to raise them as honest and kind citizens of the nation.

I want our children home to help more children of Nepal. I am trying my best to make a global hand support network for children and trying to help as many children as I can. I suppose the next leaders of our children home are those children who I am helping now. I am just a helping hand for them, creating more helping hands so that when our children become independent they will continue our work for the next generation and help more children in Nepal.

Innovative Social Centre is not working for 1 day or 1 month or 1 year, we aim to lead this home helping children as long as the earth exists for as long as the earth exists there will be children who will be in  need of  help. I thank my all volunteers who are supporting us. I am sure that every person has a good heart and wants to help but due to work or lack of time people are unable to start their own charity.In this case, we have stepped forward and will be grateful if you share your time whether it be for a short visit or long term volunteering with our children.

Our History

My father Mr.Ram krishna pariyar is an Army of Nepal. He is currently serving in Nepal’s armed forces to protect our community and country. We are proud to say that recently he has been nominated by the United Nations to become involved in a peace program in South Sudan from 2015-2016.

Being an Army Officer he experienced first-hand “Nepalese civil war” which started in 13-feb-1996 and lasted until for 10 years until 21-nov-2006. More than 15,000 people were killed and an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 people were internally displaced as a result of the conflict. This resulted in many children becoming orphaned and being left helpless.

During this time my father had a feeling that he “wants to help those less fortune and provide a happy  life, which they always deserve”.

In 2010, Ram was selected by UN (United Nation ) for a peace development program in “Congo”  for 11 months. During his time in Congo, he and his team helped the citizens of Haiti by providing food, making/renovating houses, making roads, surveying bridges and much more.

He returned to Nepal in 2011. During his service for UNITED NATION he received $4000 as a reward for his service. Now this was the time for him to use his experience and money to start his dream project. He spoke about his project to his friends and our family. After getting a good response from people it was finalized to start a children home. As my father is a middle class government officer he doesn’t receive a high salary. Therefore he just wanted to help 4-5 children at first. After talking to government about registering a home for children he found out that he would need to have at least 10 children. My father came back home to discuss with our family.

The conclusion of discussion was “We cannot wait to be rich before we start helping”.

So, this conclusion gave way to “Innovative Social Centre”. In 2012, our children home was officially registered.The government gave us 10 children to look after as a responsible parents. In 2014 we added one more child. Now we are a big family of 11 wonderful children, providing love and happiness for our kids.

Our main aim is to see them laughing and smiling, you are always warmly welcomed to share love and happiness


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